The Mount Hood Lodge

Have you ever thought about a permanent vacation? You’d find that idea clicks when checking out the Mount Hood Lodge.

It’s a tiny lodge that you can purchase in two sizes: 16ft x 8 ft and 44ft x 12 ft.

The exterior has stunning corrugated metal accents that make it more appealing than comparable tiny houses.

The larger Mount Hood Lodge comes with a high ceiling and roomy space but it also smartly manages the furnishings and separations.

The upstairs loft keeps the downstairs space for the living room, kitchen, and bar undisturbed. The designer also applied high contrast techniques effectively that makes the interior even closer to a regular house.

As expected, it has a full-featured kitchen with a multiple burner stovetop, oven, fridge, and so forth.

Here, you can either spend your time on the couch or enjoy the fresh air on the patio in calm weather. You can go to your lodge on the weekends for vacations or a quick escape.

Don’t worry if you want to stay longer as you can find a lot of storage for your belongings in the Mount Hood Lodge.

The tiny house is currently priced from $50,500 and you‘d have to pay more for a larger version and customization.

For more information visit Tiny Smart House.

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