Off-Grid Moose Haven Cabin

Off-Grid Moose Haven Cabin is a perfect tiny home available for a person who wants to enjoy a luxurious vacation.

This tiny home is constructed with nature. Hence, it is possible for any person who spends time in it to get connected to nature and grab the best experiences offered.

There is a wood-burning stove at the cabin, which is catering to the comfort needs of the guests as well.

This is a tiny airframe, but you will find a decent space inside.

For example, you will be able to see a bunk bed that you can transform into a full-sized bed and a couch.

On the upper floor, you can find another pull out bed, which offers sleeping space for two individuals. You can also find a shared shower house, outhouse, and a kitchenette along with the Off-Grid Moose Haven Cabin.

The tiny house is dependent on solar power for getting all its energy requirements catered.

Lighting is offered with flashlights and lanterns.

You will be able to use the solar panel generated energy to recharge your phones as well.

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