Romantic Stone Cottage in Dublin

The Crows’ Hermitage Tiny Stone Cottage is a romantic cottage available for anyone to spend time with.

The highlight feature you can see in this cottage is the Mezzanine bedroom, which overlooks the open plan living area as well as the wood-burning stove.

Glasses are made out of clear glass to allow light to fall into the cottage and deliver a great living space. You will also be able to see skylights on the upper floor of the cottage.

This will provide direct light into the bedroom. The loft bedroom is a super cozy one and you will never feel like waking up while you are sleeping on it.

To improve the comfortable and luxurious living space, you will be able to see how the developers have introduced stone walls in the interiors. They bring out a rustic look.

The living room offers a comfortable couch, where you can sit by the fire. The kitchen is made with wooden accents and you can find all the utensils and appliances.

For example, you can see a floating microwave oven in the kitchen. It has a compact bathroom, which offers a shower and a toilet.

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