Check Out This Wonderful Minimalist Vacation Home

This minimalist vacation house is actually the dream house for Stacey Coleman and Shelley Kimball. This is made by Heliotrope, one of the most prominent architectural firms in the country. The modern home has sleek and minimalist characteristics that are perfect endeavors for homeowners who don’t like cluttered rooms. It has such a distinctive vibe … Read more

The Foldable Is An Epic Tiny House!

This amazing tiny house is made by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design. It is a Serbian designer team that has been focusing on both residential and commercial properties. But their specialties are on yachts and aircrafts. Regardless, it does not stop them to be creative in creating the beautiful tiny house. The tiny … Read more

Cube Shaped Minimalist Home

When it comes to the 1050 square feet home, many people might not agree that it is a tiny home. But you will really love to stay at this small home when you manage to enjoy the interior. The box shape of the home is not something that you see on a daily basis. The … Read more

Check Out This Brilliant Treehouse

In order to do business, Blue Forest Company is solely concerned with building tree homes for private clients in the United States and other countries that employ comparable architectural components. The Meadow View Treehouse’s attraction stems from a number of factors, the most obvious of which being the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful hideaway in … Read more