Hummingbird Housing’s Royal Iris

Royal Iris is another Hummingbird Housing masterpiece that every tiny house fan should check out. It’s a custom-built tiny house measuring 24’x8.5’ x 13.4’ of living space that offers beautiful design, comforts, and functionalities. With that measurement, Royal Iris has more things to offer than other comparable tiny houses available in the market. The Royal … Read more

This Tiny House Is Surprisingly Impressive Inside

The Scarborough-based company Global Tiny Houses have successfully attracted people with their beautiful tiny houses. With a rustic appeal, the aluminum-based home measures 24ft x 8ft adopting simple exterior concepts with smart design on construction. The wooden siding gives natural lines to the outlook of the house. If you already adore its exterior, wait until … Read more

The Mount Hood Lodge

Have you ever thought about a permanent vacation? You’d find that idea clicks when checking out the Mount Hood Lodge. It’s a tiny lodge that you can purchase in two sizes: 16ft x 8 ft and 44ft x 12 ft. The exterior has stunning corrugated metal accents that make it more appealing than comparable tiny … Read more

This Modern Tiny House Features Charming Design

You might have known Michael Hoffman’s tiny house projects but the metallic build Living Vehicle could be the greatest one. This time he solved wood-rotting problems in the RV-converted tiny houses with metal constructions that sturdily appear on the exterior. However, what more adorable is how space is managed to literally convert the RV into … Read more

The Amazing DragonFly Tiny House

Tiny House Siesta resort is home to adorable tiny houses for staying but the Dragonfly could be one of the most beautiful units you can find in this resort. At a glance, the Dragonfly has a resort-class tiny house appeal with contrast colors and textures. Both exterior and interior are superbly enhanced which makes you … Read more