Perfect Modern Cabin on Orcas Island

This wonderful contemporary cabin is offering a total living area of 804 square feet. Any person who is keen to live by nature will be able to consider this cabin.

It is located on a rocky hillside and offers amazing views of the surroundings to the guests at all times.

One of the key objectives of constructing Small Contemporary Cabin has been to come up with a perfect indoor and outdoor room, which people can use for gatherings.

Living areas open are available from the 8’ tall sliders. You will be able to access the decks and experience the great views of the surroundings.

It is even offering enough space to accommodate a guest bed.

There are two different private bedrooms in this Small Contemporary Cabin. Alongside these bedrooms, you can find a laundry area and a bath area as well.

You will be able to get a cozy and comfortable living space out of this cabin. Hence, spending your time in the cabin is something that you will fall in love with.

It is a minimalist looking cabin, which is highly energy-efficient as well.

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