Modern Tiny Cottage in California

This modern-looking tiny cottage is located in California. It is not the most spacious tiny house.

However, you will be impressed to see how the designers have taken the maximum out of available space to deliver a functional living area for the guests.

This is a pre-fabricated home. To complement interior living space, there is a massive deck as well. This deck offers plenty of space for entertainment and lodging purposes.

The living room and kitchen in this tiny home are merged together. Once you open the doors, the kitchen will be on your right-hand side.

It is not a spacious kitchen, but it offers enough space to keep only the basic appliances. There is no space for a sofa in the main living room. You will only be able to see some chairs.

On the left side of the cottage, you can see a queen-sized bed. There is a curtain, which can be used to cover up the bed and get privacy as needed.

This is not an air-conditioned tiny cottage. However, you will be able to see a fan on top of the bed, which is catering to the comfort needs of the people.

You can purchase your own tiny cottage from Modern Shed.

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