How Much Do Tiny Houses Cost?

Tiny houses are affordable because they’re smaller than normal houses. They also come with lower monthly payments. People who buy these houses often get free land to build on. And they can move around easily without having to pay rent. Here’s how much tiny houses on wheels cost Tiny houses are usually made of wood … Read more

Flipping A House? Remember These 4 Things

Thanks in part to the popularity of fix and flip TV shows and the mainstream glamorization of the real estate investing industry, property flipping is the most popular it has been in at least a decade. At Asset Based Lending, we review at least 100 potential fix and flip deals each month; while each deal is … Read more

Lifestyle Matters When You Buy a Home, But Can You Search That Way?

Home buyers are getting smarter and faster at a rate that completely surpasses the real estate industry’s ability to innovate. Custom home search is essential when you’re trying to streamline the process of searching for homes online with the newest generation of buyers who are tablet toting, independent thinkers practically born in a cyber café. They crave … Read more