Impressive Micro Home in Palm Springs, CA

The tiny home community in Palm Springs has around 100 tiny homes. However, they are not too small, and you will be able to find a decent living space inside.

The homes are constructed in a mobile home park. A single house has a total area of around 600 square feet. Inside the house, you can find a single bedroom, which is paired with modern features.

For example, you can find full-sized appliances, sliding doors, clerestory windows, and many other features.

You can also find two-bedroom houses in this community. These houses have a total area of around 800 square feet.

These tiny homes have minimalist looking interiors. Their windows are carefully positioned so that plenty of light is coming in.

This will contribute a lot towards the comfortable stay that the residents can secure. The living room is filled with luxury. You can find lots of seating space with a full-sized sofa.

Likewise, you can also discover a great kitchen here in the tiny house, which is offering all the support for the people who stay to proceed with meal preparation. The bedroom looks comfortable and it has a single queen-sized bed.

You can check out more information about this tiny home community at Palm Canyon Mobile Club.

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