The Lily Pad Shipping Container Cabin

The Lily Pad Shipping Container Cabin is a tiny homemade out of a shipping container.

It has a hot tub, swing, and a giant covered porch as well. The designer has taken appropriate steps to maximize the living space while creating a fascinating outdoor area.

There is a full-sized kitchen in this container cabin. Moreover, you can find a living room on the ground floor, which is paired with a gas fireplace.

The living room has a small dining table, which offers dining space for two individuals.

On the first floor of this container home, you can find the bedroom.

This bedroom has a massive picture window as well. It is paired with a private bathroom.

This container home is fully air-conditioned and heated with the help of a Nest thermostat.

This offers a comfortable time for the people who stay inside it, regardless of the time of the year.

There is also a large ceiling fan, which is catering to the comfort needs of the people who stay in this shipping container cabin during the hot and humid days. The garage door is motorized.

You can find a microwave, toaster oven, cooktop, and a small refrigerator in the kitchen.

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