This School Bus is a Superb Tiny House

Aaron was able to construct a tiny house to support his lifestyle out of a school bus. Almost all the aspects of this tiny house were constructed by him.

As a result, he was able to save a lot of money as well. He used reclaimed wood for the construction of bed frames and storage spaces.

Moreover, he constructed a countertop that is made out of a goat teeter-totter.

Since this is a school bus, there is ample storage available inside when compared to a van.

There is a single bed that offers a cozy sleeping space for Aaron.

Moreover, you can find a small kitchen in the van as well.

The floor of this school bus is covered with wood.

The wooden accents add a luxurious feel with comfort. There are some dedicated storage compartments at the rear of this school bus.

They also contribute a lot to the ability that Aaron has to stay away from clutter. One of the greatest things about this tiny bus is that it has a hanging chair.

This provides a great space for Aaron to spend his leisure time.

For more information check out Aaron’s Instagram page.

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