Nikki and Ben’s Van Adventure

Ben is a professional photographer who lived in a van.

When he met Nikki, he sold his van and moved into the van of Nikki.

Nikki constructed this van with the assistance of her father and brother.

This is one of the most beautiful camper vans that you can see out there as of now.

It is filled with unique details. For example, there are live edge countertops, a cucumber wall, and plenty of storage space available within this van.

They are contributing a lot towards the comfort of the couple while helping them to travel the world.

The bed of this camper van is located at the rear. Under the bed, there are drawers and storage space.

On one of the sides, you can find a small couch that offers seating space.

On the other side, there is a kitchen. The kitchen has a stove and a mini-refrigerator.

There are some overhead compartments on top of the kitchen as well.

This is a carefully designed camper van.

On top of that, the wooden accents contribute a lot towards the luxurious experience offered to the guests.

Check out Nikki and Ben’s story on Youtube.

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