Musician Living in an Awesome DIY Camper Van

Anthony Roberge is one of the most popular musicians from Quebec, Canada.

He wanted to cut down his living expenses that that’s where he went ahead with converting a sprinter van to a camper van.

He worked on the project on his own and he didn’t have to spend a fortune to complete the construction.

There is a bed, kitchen cabinet, reclaimed wood ceiling, overhead storage, and roof vent in this camper van.

All of them were installed by Anthony on his own. He mainly used to throw away items to cut down the overall expenses associated with constructing the van.

There is a bed at the rear of this camper van. It is occupying most of the storage space.

You will also be able to find lots of overhead storage compartments in the camper van.

You will also be able to find a reclaimed wood ceiling inside this camper van, which is contributing a lot to the luxurious living space available within the van.

There are a small countertop and a propane camping stove as well.

On top of that, it is possible to find a jerry can that provides him with water.

Check out more about Anthony Roberge on Instagram and Youtube.

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