Couple’s Amazing Small Van

Paula and Derrick wanted to go on road-tripping after converting their van into a tiny home.

The van conversion project went well than they expected, and the couple was able to create a semi-permanent home. They were able to use the van and survive over two years.

The van was able to help them to survive even the freezing Canadian winter nights as well.

There isn’t too much space within this van. However, it is still providing them with everything they need for enjoying a comfortable stay.

For example, there is a large comfortable bed, which offers sleeping space for the couple. On top of that, you will be able to find a toilet and a sink.

For food preparation and food storage, there is a stove and propane fridge in the tiny van.

There is a propane furnace, which is aiding the couple to survive the winter months without encountering any problem.

You can find rotatable captain chairs at the front of this van.

They will rotate and deliver extra seating space for the couple.

Moreover, you can find DIY curtains inside the van, which can cater to all the privacy needs.

Learn more about Derrick & Paula’s camper van.

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