Van Dwelling Couple Sell Everything to Travel the World

Mat and Danielle came up with the need to sell everything they have to conquer the goal of traveling the world.

They were able to become successful with it and now they enjoy their lives than ever before. To achieve this goal, they converted a Ford E-150 van into a tiny house.

The tiny house is powered up with a 300W solar system.

It is capable of catering to all the energy requirements of the couple inside the van.

To create a luxurious living space, they have created their own drop leaf table, curtains, and self-storage facilities.

Hence, traveling in this van for long distances is not something to be worried about.

There is a multi-purpose couch on this van, which the couple converts into a bed at night time.

The rear door of the van opens to create additional storage space. The van is properly insulated as well. hence, it is catering to all the comfort needs of the couple as they travel.

This is providing the perfect support for the couple to achieve their goal of traveling the world while witnessing the great sights they come across.

You can learn more about Mat and Danielle here.

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