Digital Nomad’s Cargo Van Tiny House

This tiny house was constructed by a digital nomad. This digital nomad is Ross Lukeman.

He wanted to create a movable tiny house, which can help him to wander around the country. He was able to do it successfully and now he is having the time of his life.

There is a convertible bed inside this van. He is capable of using it as his workstation as well.

You will also be able to find enough storage space under the twin mattress.

There is a hidden storage compartment to the side of this bed. It is offering storage for the utilities such as panels, batteries, and water.

As a digital nomad, there are numerous technological gadgets inside this tiny house.

For example, there is an iMac inside this camper van. The workstation is providing all the support needed by him to continue with his lifestyle.

All the energy needs of this tiny house are catered through solar panels located on top of the roof.

This solar panel is connected to a battery bank.

There is no spray form of insulation, but you can find recycled denim insulation.

It is effective and it helps the digital nomad to save money as he explores the world.

Learn more about this cargo van conversion at Alternative Homes Today.

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