Lovely Grove Cottage on Hobby Farm

Anyone who is interested in the concept of countryside living can take a look at the grove cottage, which lies in the middle of Hobby Farm.

This is a small cabin, which is offering storage space of 200 square feet.

However, you will be able to find additional 100 square feet, which belongs to the loft bedroom.

There is a queen-sized bed in the bedroom. The loft with the room is offering sleeping bags for a couple.

It is possible to see breathtaking views all around this grove cottage. Hence, living inside the grove will be a real treat for anyone.

You can find a wood-burning stove inside this cabin, which is offering a comfortable living space during the winter months of the year.

There are a magazine ladder and a sleeper sofa in the main living space of this cabin.

The grove cottage has a composting toilet, which is paired with an outdoor shower. If you are taking your kids to the grove cottage with you, you will be able to get them to use the loft area as well.

To support your day to day needs, there is a cooler and a grill available outside the grove cottage.

You can book your visit on Airbnb!

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