This Modern Tiny House Features Charming Design

You might have known Michael Hoffman’s tiny house projects but the metallic build Living Vehicle could be the greatest one.

This time he solved wood-rotting problems in the RV-converted tiny houses with metal constructions that sturdily appear on the exterior.

However, what more adorable is how space is managed to literally convert the RV into a full tiny house.

The Living Vehicle’s interior is predominantly white with smart transitions. You might find it more spacious thanks to the windows, skylights, and the reflective mirror.

The living room connects to the laundry room with the closet and storage on the corner. The sofa can be converted into a full-size bed that turns your living room into a spacious loft.

The elegant bathroom has a glass bowl sink, flush toilet, and skylight.

The showerhead area is quite spacious with a wooden floor and well. You even have direct access from the bathroom straight to the outdoors.

The dining nook is connected to the hanging patio where you can enjoy leisure time with your family.

It also hosts an elevated bunk and convertible table that can completely transform this entire area into a double loft.

It’s not listed yet but you can extend your tour and contact the company through their website.

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