The Amazing DragonFly Tiny House

Tiny House Siesta resort is home to adorable tiny houses for staying but the Dragonfly could be one of the most beautiful units you can find in this resort.

At a glance, the Dragonfly has a resort-class tiny house appeal with contrast colors and textures. Both exterior and interior are superbly enhanced which makes you unaware of the fact that the house is only 220 square feet.

It’s so appealing that you can easily find it in the resort.

The Dragon Fly’s interior is clearly observable and inviting. With skylights and glass doors, the sunlight can easily enter the inside part of the house.

The kitchen has all the basic appliances for you to make meals and beverages but the bathroom maybe not too spacious even though it’s undoubtedly beautiful.

The living room has a convertible IKEA sofa and you can extend your leisure time in the outdoor small patio.

Spending your summer in Florida couldn’t be better in this tiny house.

The upstairs loft may be limited but you can simply convert your sofa if you have more people to stay with.

You probably can’t own the unit but you can definitely reserve the DragonFly for your next visit to Tiny House Siesta.

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