Tiny House in Michigan Provides a Surprisingly Cozy Design

The company named Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes has just built its first on-wheel tiny house that would amaze you all.

Situated at Michigan’s sapphire lake, the tiny house comes with a beautifully compact yet luxurious design. Don’t get it wrong, the company built the house with wear and tear-resistant materials that ensured it would stand out in bad weather.

The first unit is already listed with a 4-decade paint guarantee and lifetime steel siding guaranteed.

Inside this 200sqft tiny house, the living room and the kitchen are the most appealing elements but its efficient applications are also adorable.

You can flexibly install a flat screen TV on the couch area and apply the most comfortable setup. Fridge, freeze, sink, and stove are neatly installed in the kitchen while the exterior venting hood would keep the air inside fresh when cooking.

It also has a Pioneer split for controlling temperatures throughout different climates.

Mobile Mitten equips its first unit with an electric elevated loft situated above the living room and a complete bathroom.

You can transform the living room into a bedroom whenever necessary. The bathroom hosts a shower, dual flush toilet, and even a tub.

Underneath, you can find more storage and a closet for your clothes.

Contact Mobile Mitten Tiny Homes for further information about its first product.

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