Oregon Custom Tiny House Is The Minimalist Family Home

At a glance, the tiny house in Oregon looks like a birdhouse until you see the long sides. It has a nautical appeal as soon as you notice the upper part of the exterior.

The predominantly stained wooden exterior just blends well with the siding even though they’re basically in contrast to each other.

It measures 160 square feet but you’d be surprised by what’s inside and how space has been well-managed into a livable house.

The tiny house has two lofts opposite each other where the main loft can load a queen size bed while the secondary loft can load a twin size bed.

The primary loft is surrounded by windows that invite sunlight throughout the days. The kitchen comes with a four-burner stovetop, oven, and refrigerator.

The bathroom is situated at the back-end of the house where you can find drawers and cubbies along the way.

You can find showers, composting toilets, and a sink in that small bathroom.

While it’s not a super comfy or luxurious tiny house option, it has everything you need.

The house is currently on sale for $59,000. It’s ideal if you want a compact tiny house for two or three persons that can be easily moved.

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