This Tiny House Is Surprisingly Impressive Inside

The Scarborough-based company Global Tiny Houses have successfully attracted people with their beautiful tiny houses.

With a rustic appeal, the aluminum-based home measures 24ft x 8ft adopting simple exterior concepts with smart design on construction.

The wooden siding gives natural lines to the outlook of the house. If you already adore its exterior, wait until you see the interior.

Going inside the house, you’d find a super bright interior not only because of the predominant white paint but also because the sunlight can easily enter the space from different directions.

The loft is upstairs while downstairs you have a convertible living room(to bedroom), bathroom, and kitchen. All of them have soft colors that create a calm ambiance throughout the house.

The tiny house is ideal for two-person living considering space but having some guests is still possible.

The outstanding feature in this tiny house could have been the bathroom as it has a soft design and a spacious shower.

The kitchen has everything you need including refrigerators, a four-burner stovetop, and so forth. With more space left, you can use the loft for storage or a sleeping area.

Global Tiny Houses also add more amenities into the house support comforts.

With all those inclusions, the tiny house is on sale for $49,000. Contact the company for more details.

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