Hummingbird Housing’s Royal Iris

Royal Iris is another Hummingbird Housing masterpiece that every tiny house fan should check out.

It’s a custom-built tiny house measuring 24’x8.5’ x 13.4’ of living space that offers beautiful design, comforts, and functionalities.

With that measurement, Royal Iris has more things to offer than other comparable tiny houses available in the market.

The Royal Iris’ interior offers spacious storage and cabinet space but the kitchen could have been the center of attraction.

It has an induction stovetop, oven, refrigerator/freezer, foldable table, and customer backsplash that enable you to make regular meals in this tiny house.

Crossing the living room, you’d find the laundry room and then the bathroom.

It’s quite distinctive but more comfortable to know that Royal Iris has a bathroom across but not beside the kitchen like most tiny houses.

The loft is upstairs with roomy space that can cater to queen or king-size beds. It offers a comfortable sleeping environment with four windows on the sides of the loft.

You can reach the loft with the regular steps that also serve as efficient storage.

If you’re looking for a tiny house where you can work, eat, and relax, Royal Iris could be your option.

You need to visit the Hummingbird Housing website or contact the company for more information about Royal Iris.



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