The Sturgis is a Lovely 170 Square Foot Tiny House

The Sturgis is an innovative tiny house from Cubist Engineering company. It has distinct features that focus on the space-conserving that might blow your mind.

Even from the stunning exterior, we can see how windows become the dominant element of the house. Well, you might have already thought about energy efficiency.

It has an expected engineered interior with good exposure to air and light. It has a configurable nook that can serve as a garage, cellar, or even reading spot in the house.

You can even communicate your idea with Cubist Engineering for your personal configuration. In fact, personalization is the main advantage of Sturgis tiny house. You can manage your space with feasibility measures from the experts.

At a glance, you might have wondered: where’s the loft? You’d find the queen size bed coming out of the lower part of the ceiling with a motorized mechanism.

It’s completely hidden until bedtime has come and you launch it. Across this area, you can find the luxury bathroom with a rain shower head and spa-like design.

The kitchen is also fully equipped with a cooktop, refrigerator, and counter space.

You can customize your own Sturgis starting from $99,000.

Contact Cubist Engineering for more specifications and details about the tiny house.

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