This 850-Square-Foot Cabin will Amaze You

Jeff Young was able to transform one of the leftover family properties to construct the Vermont Cabin.

As of now, this is one of the most outstanding places available in the Boston area for people to go on a romantic and cozy getaway.

It is filled with luxury as well and spending a night here will be a dream come true for couples.

The Vermont Cabin is offering a total area of 850 square feet. Hence, you can’t really call it a tiny home.

You will be able to see how Jeff has utilized the available space inside the cabin in the most efficient way. For example, you can’t find tall ceilings inside the house.

He used the height to create a loft for the kids. It is connected to a bedroom located upstairs.

There are heated floors in this cabin. It is complemented with the presence of a wood-burning stove.

You will be able to see a couch nook as well as a pull-down projector screen, which can cater to all the entertainment needs of the guests who stay.

It is located in close proximity to a variety of tourist attractions as well.

For more information visit Jeff Young’s webiste.

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