Foss Haus A-Frame Getaway in Washington State

Foss Haus, who is the sister of Tye Haus was able to construct this A-frame house with the inspiration and support that she got from her brother.

As of now, it is a perfect getaway spot available for anyone who wants to spend the vacation by nature.

The A-Frame getaway is quite popular among adventurers and hikers as of now. That’s mainly because it is located in close proximity to a variety of outdoor activities.

Even if you want to spend your time in the A-Frame house, you can do it without keeping any doubts in mind. That’s because it is offering all the facilities that you need.

For example, there are some good books to read, a game cabinet to play some good games, and a wood-burning gas stove.

There are two queen-sized beds available within this tiny house.

One bedroom is on the ground floor, whereas another bedroom is in the loft. There is a fully functioning kitchen, bathroom, and a flush toilet.

There is a large living room in this house, which is filled with chairs, a couch, a gas fireplace, and a flatscreen television.

The massive windows offer perfect views of the surrounding forest.

You can book your stay on Airbnb.

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