Tiny Lofts: No Wheels Modern Tiny House Design

This tiny house comes to you with an eco-friendly design.

In fact, you can think about calling it a perfect example of a tiny house that has a modern and sleek appearance.

By external looks, you can call it a minimalist looking tiny house as well.

The tiny house is offering a total area of 323 square feet.

In this space, you will be able to find a spacious open floor plan, a compact kitchen, and living space.

On top of that, you can find a luxurious bathroom as well.

The most notable aspect of the bathroom is that it has a full soaking tub, which is located right in front of the window.

Hence, you can call it a bathroom with views. The tiny house has a modular design.

The living room and kitchen are combined together. On the sides of the door, you can find kitchen appliances such as microwaves and kitchen cabinets.

The living space also has a couch and decent space.

You can find the bedroom in the loft of this modern tiny house.

For more information about this tiny house visit Tiny Lofts.

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