The Atlas Is Your Dreamed Tiny House

Are you a fan of Tiny House Big Living which airs on HGTV? If you are, then you know this tiny house called ‘Atlas’.

It was featured in episode 13 of season 1. This famous tiny house is available only for $50,000.

This tiny home is perfect for off the grid living.

It is 196 square foot and has a remodelled bathroom with 460 aH of AGM battery storage, 640 watts of solar panels, a sink, shower, and a composting toilet.

You can store enough water in this tiny home to last 4 weeks. The freezer and the fridge are located below the stairs.

The house has a very modern appearance as you may have seen on HGTV.

It has a wall which is basically all windows. You can close the awning when driving to protect the glass.

This tiny house is full of contemporary utilities. It is perfect for minimalists who like to explore the world travelling with their own tiny house.

This house is perfect for a single person who enjoys cooking.

The kitchen has ample space for cooking and this house is extremely comfortable for an adventurous HGTV fan.

The wood texture of this house is very smooth and gives it a very sleek appearance.

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