You’ll Love The Glenwood Tiny House Featuring Charming Style

This tiny house looks more like a traditional home than just a small house.

If you like tiny houses that resemble traditional houses then you will love Glenwood.

This house has two giant bedrooms. This house has stairs that will lead you to a porch, which is wide and open, and you can relax there by setting up chairs and tables and hosting a dinner party.

You can also plant a garden if you like.

The steps have been made by using slabs of rock.

This tiny house has two rooms and both are quite spacious.

One of the rooms has a thin window, which spans throughout one wall. It has clerestory windows, which bring a lot of daylight into the house.

The kitchen has a freezer and a fridge. It also has an oven, a sink, microwave and beautiful cabinets.

It has some space for a closet, which has a sliding door.

The tiny traditional house gives you enough space to store everything.

Both the bedrooms look quite similar and have similar closets. They are both basically full sized rooms.

This tiny house is perfect for a family.

It has one bathroom with a medicine cabinet, vanity and a mirror. It also a flush toilet.

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