Great Tiny House With a Unique Design

This tiny house has a brilliant configurable storage space. It was built by Eric Shell and is truly one of the best tiny homes ever.

The Royal Portsmouth siding is built from recycled materials and has a 200mph wind rating.

The house is 28′ long, 8.5′ wide, and 13.5 in height.

This tiny house is sealed against brutal cold and is ready for even the worst winters.

It has a standard water hook-up in the outside area with a 50amp electrical RV Hook-up, an auto-changer valve and two propane tanks with an outside storage area.

All of the utilities mentioned in this tiny house look pretty and efficient. They can be hidden in plain sight and are under protection from all kinds of weather.

The siding has a dark blue colour with a greyish hint and a white trim. This tiny home has beautiful molding.

It has a creative wrought iron handle, which lets you access the utilities.

You can hide the propane tanks here. There is also storage space above the space for the propane tanks.

This tiny house has a unique layout. The drawers in the kitchen have the soft close feature.

There is a lot of room in the kitchen for storing utensils and appliances.

It has a microwave and an oven as well. The sleeping loft is above the kitchen.

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