Own This 24’ Tiny House For Just $30,000

If you are looking for a tiny house that is available with appliances, is beautiful to look at and is affordable then you must check out this 24′ tiny house only for $30,000.

This house has a very modern look. It was constructed by Eco Cabins and is brand new.

You can move in to it as soon as you purchase it.

It has a bright blue color, which adds to its modern design. It has large glass doors that give it a very relaxing vibe.

You also get a freezer and other appliances included in the mere price of $30,000.

This tiny house is a steal of a deal.

The bathroom has a beautiful countertop and sink along with enough cabinet space in the vanity and a medicine cabinet as well. It has a flush toilet and metal backsplash.

You get open shelves with this $30,000 tiny house. The living room feels very open and inviting.

There is a lot of ventilation and the windows bring a lot of light into this $30,000 tiny house.

The ceiling of the loft is pretty low but because it is so airy, it does not feel small.

This tiny house for only $30,000 is affordable and perfect for anyone looking for a modern home.

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