Check Out This Unique Tiny Home in Chula Vista, California

If you are looking for a fun tiny house then this intriguing tiny house in Chula Vista, California with wheels is perfect for you.

It has vibrant red doors and is 24 feet long and 8.5 feet wide.

This tiny house on wheels is 13 feet in height and is of 275 square feet.

It is basically a 24 feet trailer and you can take it anywhere. This tiny house was built in 2016 and is pretty new.

It is in excellent condition. The couch is situated across the shelves.

This tiny house has a TV, which is set up perfectly in front of the couch. The couch has been built right into the house and has quite a bit of store space underneath it.

There are two lofts in the house; one can be accessed through a ladder. There is a tiny loft above the kitchen counter.

You can store things in the tiny loft and even create it into a small bedroom. The ladder is not fixed and can be moved as per your requirements.

This tiny house on wheels comes with an oven, freezer and granite countertops.

It also has a lot of cabinet space and open shelves above the counters. The eye-catching door in the back leads to the bathroom.


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