Own This Magnificent Tiny House for Just $34,999

If you are still looking for a tiny house and have not yet found a house in your budget then you must check out this tiny house which is available for a mere price of $34,999.

This is a very cosy house, which would be perfect for suburbs. It has corrugated metal siding which makes it appear quite modern.

Some windows have metal awnings and you can swing them down and up when you require privacy.

The doors are made of glass and almost cover the entire front of the house. When you enter the house, you see the kitchen and the seating area.

The couch is right across the kitchen cabinets. There is also a fireplace above the couch.

You can even add your own furniture to the right of the couch as there is empty space available there.

The wall next to the couch is empty as well and it would be a perfect location to hang art or framed photographs. The kitchen has a vent, a sink, cabinets, and a beautiful counter.

You also get some large cabinets that could be the pantry or you can store anything in there as per your requirement.

This tiny house for only $34,999 has a lot of room, which can be adapted, and things can be installed as per your requirements.

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