This 430-Square-Foot Tiny House Is A Perfect Minimalist Family Home

This tiny house is so accessible. Nimbus is a 430 square foot tiny house and provides amazing accessibility.

This accessible tiny house has the dimensions of 32′ x 10′ x 13′ 6″.

It has a bedroom on the ground floor and wheelchair access. It also has a huge shower where a portable bathtub can be adjusted.

This accessible tiny house has steel loft support to install a metal sling or track from bed to bathroom.

Most tiny houses do not measure more than 8 feet but Nimbus is over 10 feet wide.

The living space in the Nimbus is increased by 25 % because of wheelchair accessibility. The kitchen has a very roomy vibe with butcher-block counter tops and open shelves.

It has a four-burner gas range and an oven. You also get a stain steel fridge in this accessible tiny house.

There is also a dryer and a washer. I loved the living space, it is so wide.

The extra two feet in the width of the house makes it feel huge.

The stairs have ample storage space and you can store big and wide items underneath them. The closet is also quite huge which is very impressive for a tiny house.

To learn more about the Nimbus model visit the SimBLISSity website.

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