Awesome! This Tiny House Features Homey Contemporary Look

This tiny house had a contemporary look with a rustic vibe.

If you like tiny houses, you will love this tiny house. It is a 24-foot tiny house with very homey contemporary vibes.

It is a 2-loft home with a stainless steel sink, a full kitchen, granite counter tops, and 2 burner cook tops. It also comes with a freezer and a fridge, an electric fireplace and a folding dining table.

Doing dishes in this house would be so easy with its smooth counter tops and deep kitchen sink.

This contemporary tiny house has white slabs, which serve as open shelves, which look great with the walls and compliment the horizontal wall panels.

The main door of this tiny house is towards the left of the kitchen counter and across the stairs that lead to the loft. The bathroom is in the back of this contemporary house.

This cute tiny house has two lofts; the second one can be accessed through the ladder in the living room.

The best feature of this tiny house was its matching railings which looked like contemporary art.

A part of the staircase can also be converted into a dinette, which is amazing. The flush toilet in the bathroom is eco friendly and the shower is about 42” x 36.”

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