Zach’s Cargo Van Tiny House

The owner of this tiny house is a filmmaker named Zach Both. He created this tiny house to achieve his dream of traveling around the country while sticking to his profession by nature.

After the creation of the tiny house, Zack enjoys traveling from one place to another, as he writes his own scripts.

This tiny house is constructed within an old Chevy cargo van. You will be able to find excellent woodwork and carpentry work inside the tiny house, which Zack worked on his own.

You can find a futon bed as well as a kitchen in the living space of the tiny house. There is a stove in the kitchen as well. There are solar panels placed on the top of the tiny house.

This is catering to the energy needs of the tiny house, which include powering up the home theatre system, Wi-Fi, and refrigerator.

It doesn’t feel like living inside a van while spending time in a tiny house.

That’s because the ceilings and walls are made out of wood.

It offers a great opportunity for Zack to travel from one place to another while sticking to his profession.

Check out Zach’s cargo van tiny house blog.

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