The Moving House Tiny Motorhome

This tiny house is nothing but a conversion of a van. If you are interested in traveling the world in a compact van, you can also think about creating a tiny house like this.

This is one of the most outstanding bespoke camper van creations that you can find as of now.

This tiny house is located within a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313. Almost all the aspects of this tiny house are handcrafted to deliver a premium experience to the people who spend their time in it.

Even though this tiny house is located inside a van, you will be able to get some luxurious facilities along with it. For example, you can get enough storage space for a fixed bed. On top of the fixed bed, there are two pod bunk beds.

You can find an additional storage area and rear kitchen in this van converted tiny house. Moreover, you will be able to get blown air heating and hot water facilities.

There are carefully designed storage compartments in the motorhome. Hence, no person who spends time in the tiny house will feel that it is not delivering enough storage space.

This can complement the life of a traveler.

Form more information visit  The Moving House.

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