Couple with Two Dogs Traveling in a Great Tiny House

Any person who has a passion to travel can think about transforming a vehicle into a tiny house. It will not look like a tiny house by external looks, but you will be able to find all the space available for the people to have a comfortable stay inside the tiny house.

This tiny house is constructed inside a van, which is offering a total area of 72 square feet. After creating the tiny house, the couple has been traveling with their dog.

The bed of this tiny house is taking almost all the space at the back.

However, it is a foldable bed, and the couple will be able to find enough space to access the other appliances in the tiny house during the daytime.

There is a curtain, which offers privacy to separate the kitchen from the bedroom. There is enough storage space within this tiny house as well.

This storage space is used to hold the clothes and other goods of the couple. You will also be able to find a composting toilet, which is hidden under the bed.

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