You’ll Love This Tiny House Featuring Cozy Style

Our newest tiny home is a Woodland Park model, a house that has a basement storage feature.

Does a tiny house have a basement?

Are you kidding? That must be the first thought when you hear about this model. Logically it doesn’t make any sense but not with this house.

It has so many amounts of built-in storage underneath that will make you amazed. So, let’s check it out together.

White siding and contrasting black trim make the exterior look simple and sophisticated. The basement is located underneath the large window using a swing door to access it.

Pull the slider out to grab the contents of the basement storage compartment. This slide-out makes it possible to utilize the entire space, so no waste space goes unused.

Above the basement is the kitchen, go up a few stairs and you’ll find the living room, which is sectioned off by a minimalist railing.

Under the living room, you can find an additional underneath storage as well and you can access them from the kitchen.

This compartment is useful for storing large kitchen appliances and saves a lot of space in the countertop and cabinets, making your cooking space neater. A kitchen island with storage inside can be used as a dining table.

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