Impressive and Comfy Converted Container with Rooftop Garden

There are so many gorgeous tiny houses on the market today! One which really caught my eye is this converted container tiny house.

Do you want a tiny home that has a superb outdoor area?

Try this converted shipping container with a rooftop and deck garden.

It is not just a shipping container now, but a luxury tiny home with a rooftop extension and gorgeous garden boxes.

This container home might look simplistic with its basic brownish exterior.

But don’t get it wrong because it would also mean that the house is ideal for further customization.

You would be able to modify its look and colors very easily.

You can also utilize the stairs to the rooftop as storage.

The other option you can take is to build a studio apartment style home for you who are single or couple without kids.

Building a tiny home from a converted shipping container from scratch would allow you to fully customize every corner of your home to your style.

With the addition of the space under the stairs, you can choose to open it up and make it into your full working washroom.

With the open air on the rooftop, you can make it into a skylight.

However, some people choose to have a solar panel to conserve more energy.

Take some references for how people build their tiny house from converted shipping containers.

Surprise yourself with how beautiful those containers could become.

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