Outstanding Tiny House From Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom makes beautiful tiny homes that we simply can’t get enough of!

One of their clients, Karin, wanted a tiny house based off of her full sized home with the goal of travelling around the country with her grandchild. Karen got what she asked for – an amazing home with gray sidering and a lot of curb appeal.

A grandmother’s home should be warm and cozy. The interior design of this tiny house is classic and welcoming.

As you enter the house, you step into the spacious living room. The walls are covered with shiplap paint which is great for  the space.

The hardwood floors add warmth to the open plan and give the room a clean and modern appearance.

Near the couch you can find a small desk area, and there are also built-in storage areas in all of the stairs including a wine rack and serving tray!

This kitchen is well designed and decorated. It provides all you need to make delicious meals. There is a lot of space for cooking, but there is also plenty of room for storage.

The bathroom is located next to the kitchen and feature the same gray cabinets as the kitchen.

There is a white vessel sink and tile back splash. A combo washer/dryer is under the countertop. There is a toilet and shower stall.

The owner’s granddaughter has her own bedroom with windows for ventilation and lighting and her bed is a twin-sized mattress.

The master bedroom is bigger and has more privacy thanks to the large built-in storage wall that. There’s plenty of room for a king-sized bed in the loft and several windows that let fresh air in.

For more information about this beautiful tiny house from Tiny Heirlooms, visit their website.

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