238 Square Feet Tiny House With Cozy Interior

Based in Portland, Oregon, Handcrafted Movement is a company that builds some of the most beautiful tiny houses. Their new model comes with some awesome details and construction.

This tiny house measures 28 feet by 8.5 feet and can sleep up 7 people. Price starts at $77, 000 which may seem steep, however, quality like this doesn‘t come cheap!

The house has a beautiful exterior design with white shiplap, cedar accents, and a metal roof. The interior design is very simple but elegant. There are lots of windows that let natural sunlight into the house, creating a nice environment inside.

A beautiful light fixture made by hand using an old fashioned style. You can see the detail of the wood, but this isn’t something you’d want to hang around your house.

The couch is made out of canvas and hides storage inside the arm rests. This is a great place to put things like books or magazines.

The couch is very useful because it has lots of space to store things. The couch also hides things easily when you slide the panel under the bench.

This is a very nice bedroom. Inside you can find a queen sized bed with a built in storage unit. The headboard has a live edge design. The windows are surrounded by farm house lights. All the furniture is in perfect condition.

The second bedroom is an attic room over the master bedroom. It is accessed by a ladder going up the wall next to the TV. There is room for a king-size bed.

A wood railing provides safety when walking around. The third bedroom over the kitchen is similar to the other loft room. Access is by a ladder and there is room for a large mattress.

A kitchen with pale blue cabinets and a copper handle on the door adds a fun touch. There is also a small farmhouse sink in front of the big window. In addition, there is a stove and an oven with a full-sized refrigerator across from it.

The bathroom features a sink, a ceramic tile backsplash, and a round copper mirror over it. Linen cubbies are next to the sinks. There is a sliding door that leads to a laundry room.

For more information about this tiny house go to their website.

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