Tiny House Provides a Surprisingly Artistic Design

Some tiny houses on wheels catch your attention once you see them.

This one from Viva Collectiv is one such example.

This amazing little house called The Rocker was built especially for the famous violinist Asha Mevlana and has a stunning art style.

This tiny house is 400 square feet, has a beautiful loft bedroom, a large kitchen, a comfortable living room and not to mention a unique little recording studio.

Every nook and cranny of this unique house is super cool.

What stands out in this house are the large revolving garage doors in the exit and recording studio.

Both are fully functional to open up spaces to the outdoors while adding natural light to the home.

The narrow but high living room has plenty of room for a full-sized sofa, you can still enjoy sitting in this space with your guests. A properly sized window in the back offers both light and views on both sides.

Since it was specially designed for musicians, you will find many unique additions in this house to meet the needs of a musician.

For example, a unique coffee table that also functions as a storage system for computers, sound systems, and monitors.

Even though the walls are white this room has many blue accents that make you feel comfortable in it. Modern sleek, clean lines add a pretty finish to represent the artist.

Find more information about The Rocker on Viva Collectiv.

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