250 Square Feet Tiny House With Spacious Interior

Whoever imagined that there would be a beautiful little house on wheels?

This tiny house is 21 ‘long and 250 square feet smaller than most. However, there is a bedroom in a simple attic, a covered terrace, and a fully equipped kitchen.

This tiny house is perfect for making a great weekend getaway cottage or living in it every day in a minimalist manner.

The kitchen has a large sink deep enough with a dishwasher for easy washing, as well as a four-burner stove.

Even though the counter space is limited, there are floating shelves that allow for additional storage space and the potential to accommodate everyday items.

Shiplap wall lines lining the entire tiny house bring an atmosphere of today’s farmhouse trend.

The addition of wired hardware to the light fixtures and gray and white themes throughout the fixtures make this room look classic.

A large stainless steel fridge and additional cabinets are placed across from the sink and stove.

This space is ideal for pantry space and kitchen utensils storage, there is also room above the cupboard to store other necessities.

This room offers everything you need for your daily needs, although it is not as complete as a gourmet kitchen. You can still serve a full meal and even invite guests using quality cooking utensils.

Above the kitchen is the loft bedroom which has plenty of room for a comfortable king-size bed.

The wide windows and hidden lighting make it easy for you to set your bedtime and the sunrise in the morning will alarm your wake up and become a beautiful sight.

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