Brazilian Tiny Home Is An Ideal Minimalist Family Home

In this article I delighted to share an incredible tiny house with you located in Brazil.

Maybe you are planning to visit Brazil which is friendly and warm and beautiful.

Instead of renting a hotel, you can just glance at this tiny container house that has been modified to be fun.

Even though it looks very different from an ordinary house, this container house conversion is very unique and multifunctional, it can be said to be a fairly complete house.

You’ll find every container in this tiny house complex has been turned into a duplex. Even though this tiny house unit looks small, it is very useful for you to do any activity at home, you can enjoy a romantic vacation or plan a lot of exploration and outdoor activities.

When you enter this tiny house, the first thing you see is a functional kitchen space with an apartment-sized fridge, sufficient counters, and a stove that has completed all your needs to prepare simple meals for yourself or your family.

You can store kitchen supplies or snacks in the space above the counter and the fridge, and you’ll find basic kitchen supplies in these cupboards. You will certainly find kitchen utensils such as plates, bowls, cups, and utensils.

In each unit, there is also additional counter space and a unique wood burning chimney for cooking if you wish. You can see that even though this room is simple, there are several cabinets for storage and a table that is just the right size for eating.

And not forgetting a small bar which is great for eating and convenient for storing things when needed. This small bar divides the kitchen and living area beautifully.

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