This Florida Tiny Home Makes Impressive Use of Space

Today I would like to show you a gorgeous tiny house shared by one of our readers.

If you are on a trip to Central Florida, make sure you stop by The Universal, a small house rental with a beautiful modern style.

You may like living in a simple space that fits your needs while visiting the local tourist attractions in Florida.

This house has a style that blends with comfort to create a beautiful home to live in in a short period.

The interior and exterior are dominated by simple lines and sharp colors giving a stunning look to a tiny house.

The bright blue wallcoverings give the impression of standing out against the lush green land, the interior of the house is beautifully white with black and red accents.

The wall design is lined with classic white subway tiles with gray and black counters and a lovely red tinge on the curtains and shelves.

A functional kitchen space, you can provide what you need for simple meals, the large counter space with ample counter bottom sheets, simple flat top cooking surfaces, and floating shelves make it ideal for everyday use as per your quick needs.

In the spacious living room, there is a very comfortable folding sofa, which is black and stands out against the white walls of this house.

These sofas provide plenty of comforts to relax or eat with multiple TV trays for convenience.

The shelf under the TV gives you additional space to store movies, games, or books and of course, the TV gives you the entertainment to watch your favorite Netflix or Disney+.

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