Check Out This Exceptional Tiny House With Amazing Woodwork

Today I have a little surprise for our readers — one of the most mesmerizing tiny houses I have ever seen.

The design of The Paradise by KJE is stunning on the inside and the outside.

The style of this modern tiny house on wheels is very unique and minimalist. It is perfectly furnished with loft space, a gourmet kitchen, and exquisite woodwork.

Like paradise on wheels, this tiny house is perfect for those of you who have the potential to move places of residence while exploring the world.

The walls and ceiling are exquisitely crafted with wood plywood, giving them a rustic appeal, modern quality, and luxurious feel.

The living room includes a fireplace that can be used, the appearance is natural and beautiful. There is a bar that separates the living room and kitchen.

The barn door style under the bar can be used to cover additional storage, it is very beautiful and functional at the same time.

The flat-screen TV is placed over the fireplace, the arrangement is just perfect. Wall sconces provide extra light and the mantle provides additional space to place decorations or store your film collection.

The kitchen occupies a large part of the living area, no dividers are used, a simple bar that separates the kitchen from the living area with exquisite tile work throughout the backsplash.

The lights can be seen dangling over the sink and the bars and ceiling fans in the center are also beautiful lights to add light.

The wardrobe above the counter perfectly matches the wood trim and ceiling, giving the impression of unified beauty.

Learn more about The Paradise by visiting the KJE website.

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