This Treehouse Will Impress You With Its Great Design

When you see the Chapelle treehouse it will make you think about fairy tales and magic.

A one-bedroom and one-bathroom luxury getaway destination, this home overlooks the water and is located in Utopia, Texas.

This magical treehouse uses French doors as its entrance. When you enter, you will find a guest book containing a list of tourists.

The large picture windows and subtle curtains give off the feeling of being in a castle, but also bring out the feeling of the fairy house you know and love.

Like most tiny treehouses, the bedroom area. has an open floor plan.

From the headdress to the crown-style hanging curtain behind the bed, dress like royalty with shades of gold and red throughout.

You will sleep every night comfortably surrounded by the unique style that only this home has.

A large claw foot bathtub made perfect for a nice bubble bath, the stained window accent on the wall of the bathroom. It also has a large glass door shower that’s breath-taking.

Take a look at the stained-glass window details and ornate frames around the mirrors, the fabric details, the crosses details on these chairs.

So many details come together to make this treehouse feel like it’s in the garden of a magical fairy house.

Surrounded by beautiful trees, calm rivers, beautiful blue Texas skies, and a fairy tale style make this place a new favorite vacation destination. This is truly a place of fairies and magic.

If you are interested in booking a stay at the Chapelle, check out all of the details on theĀ Treehouse Utopia.

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