Cozy Tiny House Comes With Everything You Need

Some tiny houses on wheels catch your attention just the second you see them.

This one from Utopia Villas is one such example.

The Valley Forge is another luxury modern tiny home that makes a perfect retreat for anyone wanting to minimize while keeping modern style.

The large windows that surround the house are its most striking features. As you can see, large windows serve not only for lighting but above each window is a simple shelf for decoration and storage.

The stained wood elements give a custom feel to the home while remaining true to the modern style.

This home feels larger than it is thanks to the large windows lining the walls and spaces, and is ideal for those who want to live a tiny home life without feeling cramped in a small space.

Valley Forge has one private bedroom with windows and doors to a private balcony. Enjoy additional privacy with the doors that close which is a rare feature in a tiny house.

Valley Forge is designed to bring all the beautiful modern lifestyle in a simple little house.

Featuring two patio spaces, a large open plan living area, with modern quality fittings, a fireplace, and window slats featuring indoor and outdoor seating, this is a stunning choice for your new home.

For more information about the Valley Forge Tiny House, visit Utopia Villas.

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