Fairchild is a Gorgeous Tiny House with Luxurious Space

I see so many beautiful tiny houses for sale these days, but now and again, one stands out.

The Fairchild is another breath-taking tiny home by Viva Collective with two bedrooms, occupying an area of nearly 800 square feet, two levels, and two bathrooms.

There are three small living areas with ample storage and luxury throughout.

Even though it was bigger than what would be found in a typical small house, it was still a tiny house for a larger family.

From the moment you step onto the veranda, Fairchild welcomes you with its glass-paneled front door framed by a window so you can enter this luxurious space for a glimpse of your new favorite tiny house design.

Fairchild has several bedrooms and two levels which make it unique from other small houses.

Although the upper level is nothing more than a ready-made attic space, there is plenty of room to accommodate additional living space.

The backside side of the house has a covered patio and deck with room for a patio swing, barbecue grills, or your favorite plants.

This home has a high vaulted ceiling in the center allowing for an attic area on both sides while making the main room feel much larger.

Fairchild is a tiny terraced house perfect for any growing family.

Ideal for a family of five can be used for an Airbnb, holiday home, or a beautiful mother-in-law’s room next to your main residence.

For more information about this awesome house, visit Viva Collectiv.

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