This Luxury Shipping Container will Amaze You

When you take a look at this shipping container house, you will figure out that there’s the ability to give life to luxurious homes with shipping containers as well.

This looks more like an open shipping container. That’s because you will be able to discover lots of windows throughout the living space.

These glass windows are allowing light to come into the container tiny house. There is a total number of 11 windows in this tiny house.

The 20ft Luxury Shipping Container Tiny House is made with just one shipping container. Hence, you will be getting only around 165 square feet of storage space.

The front of this house contains double-wide doors. These doors are made with glass.

You can see a foldable bed, which you can put down near the front door at night time to sleep. On the other end of this 20ft Luxury Shipping Container Tiny House, you will be able to see the bathroom and the kitchen.

They are located adjacent to each other.

In the middle of the shipping container house, you can see a decent workstation, which will help you to get your day to day work done with ease.

Photos by Alternative Living Spaces

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